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Applications using light: our business, our passion. Based on extensive know-how with regards to optical systems and optical production techniques the companies of the Berliner Glas Group develop, produce and integrate optics, mechanics and electronics into innovative system solutions. These solutions are used worldwide in light-using industries. Please join us on a fascinating journey to the world of the viable industrial processing of light.



Berliner Glas Technical Glass - We Add Value to Glass

The video shows versatile processing and refining technologies for technical glass covered by the Berliner Glas Group production sites in southern Germany - whether it be CNC processing, screen printing, thermal tempering or chemical strengthening, lamination, bending, etching, bonding or assembling.


New Products Are Hard Work...

Discover why the development of new products is such hard work – and what is necessary to make it easier.




We know the challenges in engineering new products - explore the companies within the Berliner Glas Group:


Berliner Glas

Berliner Glas Technical Glass

SwissOptic AG


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