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The companies of the Berliner Glas Group are:



The website of the respective subsidiaries includes detailed information about their locations, their focus and what they offer.


Brochures & presentations
Unternehmensbroschüre der Berliner Glas Gruppe
Company Brochure

Berliner Glas Group

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Unternehmens-Präsentation / company presentation Berliner Glas Group
Company Presentation

Berliner Glas Group

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White papers & technical articles

published in laser+photonics 01/2017

Berliner Glas White Paper Wafer backside particle reduction
White Paper
Wafer Backside Particle Reduction

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published on February 24, 2016

published on December 01, 2015

Fachbeitrag Corrosion of Borosilicate Glasses
Technical Article
Corrosion of Borosilicate Glasses

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published on July 15, 2015

published on November 11, 2014

published on September 26, 2014

Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct of the Berliner Glas Group
Code of Conduct

Berliner Glas Group

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Contact the Berliner Glas Group (Headquarters or US Office)

Berliner Glas KGaA Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co.
Waldkraiburger Straße 5
12347 Berlin, Germany
Fon +49 30 60 905-0
info [at]
US Office for Photonics
Kevin Liddane
Fon +1 714 389-1756
kliddane [at]