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Competences of the Berliner Glas Group. From Concept to Volume Production.

The Berliner Glas Group provides all solutions from a single source, from conceptual design to the finished product. To do so, our employees work closely with you during each step.

We are your long-term OEM partner. In cooperation with you, we develop innovative system solutions, bring them to the production stage and make a valuable contribution to your value-added chain.

Our services include:

  • Design and development
  • Professional, global procurement
  • Reliable production of key components, optical system assembly and integration
Linsensystem 3D Modell


From the very beginning, we listen to exactly what you need and try to understand your problem: What are your requests? What individual requirements do you have? How exactly will you use the product? What must it achieve?

As a result, we have a deep understanding of the topics, trends and drivers of your market and we excel at tackling your product, your needs and your problem. You profit from an exceedingly flexibility and quick realization of your needs.

Our developers – in total, they make up 11 % of all of our employees – verify the technical feasibility of your idea, specify the technical solution and create a prototype for you. Of course, all of this happens in close cooperation with you. To do so, we work according to an exactly defined and tested process.

You can find details about this on the websites of our various locations:

Berliner Glas Development Expertise

SwissOptic AG Development Expertise

Reinraum Optik-Design

Assembly, Production of Key Components

We include our production very early in the development process, since early control and cooperation shortens and facilitates the transfer of products to the production chain.

We work with the newest CNC technologies, employee experts for the different areas of material processing, manufacture products in cleanrooms and implement the best-suited fine correction procedures, depending on the application (ion beam processes, Magneto Rheological Finishing (MRF), mechanical fine correction).

As in development, experts for every task also work in our production and installation teams. In the end, there is always one solution: You receive a competitive product according to your required specifications and in the desired time.

Our key components range from planar, spherical, aspherical and cylindrical optics as well as prisms and prism systems, to chucks and precise structural components, all the way to application-specific coatings.

You can find details about this on the websites of our various locations:

Berliner Glas Key Components

SwissOptic AG Production Expertise

Global Sourcing - Lieferketten-Strategie Berliner Glas Gruppe

Global Sourcing

Our strategic purchasing teams in Berlin and Heerbrugg oversee the entire production and have established a successful supply chain management thanks to their decades of experience in that field.

As a customer, you profit from globally competitive prices and a deliberately organized value-added chain at all of our locations.

You can find details about this on the websites of our various locations:

Global Sourcing at Berliner Glas

Global Sourcing at SwissOptic AG

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