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Markets Served by the Berliner Glas Group. Broadly Positioned & Highly Specialized.

Based on their extensive know-how with regards to optical systems and optical production techniques, the companies within the Berliner Glas Group develop and integrate optics, mechanics and electronics into innovative system solutions for their clients.

In order to understand and serve the requirements of the various customers and being able to guide them from concept to volume production, the individual companies at their locations are structured into market-specific business units.

The business units in Berlin (Berliner Glas) and Heerbrugg (SwissOptic) focus on optical system solutions.

The numerous solutions provided are used across the globe.

The following contains an overview of the markets in which we are active and the services we provide:

Berliner Glas Gruppe - Halbleiterindustrie
Berliner Glas Gruppe - Metrology (Messtechnik)
Berliner Glas Gruppe - Medizintechnik

Medical Technology

Optical system solutions – ISO 13485 certified – used in the following areas:

Dentistry, microassembly, endoscopy & minimally invasive surgery, bioanalysis & life sciences

Ophthalmology and life sciences

Berliner Glas Gruppe - Lasertechnik

Laser Technology

Optical solutions and key components for customer-specific beam forming systems, areas of application include:

Laser material processing, laser annealing & lift-off, laser technologies in research

Laser material processing for industrial manufacturing



Berliner Glas Gruppe - Weltraumtechnik

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