Berliner Glas Group - Semicon chucks

The Berliner Glas Group. Medium-Sized, Innovative, Export-Driven.

We in the Berliner Glas Group make light usable for high-tech applications. In cooperation with our customers we develop innovative system solutions with optical, mechanical and electronic components and bring them to production maturity. All these innovative solutions use light as a tool to analyze, structure, produce, communicate, measure and capture images.

The Berliner Glas Group has been part of ASML since November 2nd, 2020. ASML is one of the world's leading manufacturers of microchip manufacturing equipment. For more information read our press release: 02.11.2020: ASML aquisition of Berliner Glas Group completed

The Berliner Glas Group at a glance. Facts & Figures.

Berliner Glas Gruppe - weltweit aktiv
Production area
55,180 sqm
Staff worldwide
More than 1,600
Sales 2020
248 million €

Get to know us. Selected highlights.

ASML acquisition of Berliner Glas Group completed.
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Perfecting chucks.
how to meet challenging specifications.
Reinraum Optik-Design
From Concept to Volume Production.
Company Video.
High-tech applications with light.
Career within the Berliner Glas Group.
Bright people for enlightened ideas.